Tala App

Tala App is Kenya’s number 1 finance app!

Tala App is Kenya’s #1 finance app offering loans through your mobile phone whenever, wherever with low loan fees and an easy loan repayment schedule.

One applies for the Tala loan through the Tala App. It’s pretty easy, just follow the steps on the  Tala App Download page.

A lot of people have searched for a Tala Loan Application Form to enable them apply for a Tala loan, but this is not possible. The only easy way to get the Tala loan is by installing the Tala App on your phone and going through the guided process of the loan application.

How the Tala App works?

  • Apply in 5 minutes using the App, once installed
  • Tala will connect with the Tala App on your phone and approve your loan in seconds
  • You loan amount you applied for once approved, will be sent as cash instantly to your MPesa account through the Tala App.
  • Always stay within your credit limit and remember to make your loan repayments on time to help build up your credit rating with Tala. This will help you to get even more credit of up to 30,000 KSh.

Tala is constantly bettering their Tala App, so its important to keep checking and upgrade to the latest version for new features like checking credit limit and more.

Important Note: When you download the Tala App, the App on behalf of Tala will request to scan your MPesa SMS and other information in your phone in order to verify your identity, creditworthiness, and enable your loan to be processed.

Tala also promises never to share your information without your direct consent.