How to repay Tala Loan

How to repay Tala Loan

How to pay Tala loan using MPesa is pretty easy. Repaying your Tala loan by Mpesa seems to be the easiest and most available method for most of Tala customers.

It is also important to always ensure you repay your tala loan on time to increase your credit worth and enable a higher borrowing amount the next time you are in need of a loan and most importantly to avoid being listed with the Credit Reference Bureau in Kenya for bad credit.

Now back to how to repay Tala loan using mpesa: You will need to know the mobile number you used to register for Tala loan and the Tala Paybill number, these are the information you need to repay Tala loan.

Using your phone, follow the steps below :-

  1. Go to the Safaricom Toolkit menu
  2. Now choose Mpesa menu
  3. Then choose the Lipa na Mpesa menu
  4. Once opened, now choose Pay Bill
  5. Next select to Enter business no. This is where you are required to enter the Tala Paybill number which is

    How to repay Tala Loan.

    Use Mpesa Tala Paybill No. 851900.

  6. On the next screen it will ask for your Account no.
  7. Here enter the mobile number, which must be the same as the number you registered for your Tala Loan.
  8. Next enter the loan amount you want to repay your Tala Loan.
  9. Now enter your Mpesa PIN, confirm the details on the next screen and complete the Tala loan repayment.

Once you have completed the process to repay Tala Loan, you will receive an SMS confirming the payment from both Safaricom Mpesa and Tala Loan.

If you send more than your Tala loan repayment amount, don’t worry the extra amount will be credited to your account.

We hope this information has been helpful, and you won’t worry anymore on How to repay Tala loan.